2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide

2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide

Oh, the Holidays. It’s definitely our favorite time of the year!

After all the turkey and rolls have been devoured, it’s time to put on your game face and prep for Black Friday shopping. If you’re afraid to hit the crowds on Thursday and Friday, online shopping might be your best option. But if you’re one of the few brave souls that isn’t afraid to tackle the crowds, we’ve got a few tips that may help you best execute your shopping strategy.

  1. Credit card benefits. This Black Friday tip might sound boring compared to some of the others, but make sure to read up on the benefits of your credit cards. I know of several credit cards that will give you a certain percentage back on purchases at certain stores. It may only be 5% cash back, but 5% is better than nothing, right?2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide
  2. Sign up for store emails. Do you have your eye on specific items from different stores already? Make sure you sign up for the stores emails at least 1 week in advanced so that you can view their daily ads. They might even give you a sneak preview on a few upcoming deals…
  3. Prioritize. Before running around the stores like a mad women just searching for any and all of the best Black Friday deals, make sure you setup a game plan and prioritize your shopping list. If you are looking to buy expensive electronics, kids toys, and clothes all in one night, consider shopping for the electronics first, where you will most likely save more money then you would on clothes or toys.2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide
  4. Check online. Some stores will have the same sales in-store on Black Friday as they will online. So before heading out and braving the crowds, and loosing time on some precious sleep, make sure to check online first.
  5. Go for malls. If you have a whole list of things you are looking to buy in one night, the mall might be the best place to go. Obviously inexpensive boutiques are going to be the most common at malls, but many malls also have bigger stores like Macys, Best Buy, Apple, home furnishing stores, etc. Shopping at malls on Black Friday are sure to be your best bet if you have multiple items on your list that you are looking to buy.2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide
  6. Team Up. Obviously, if you are going out on Black Friday on the hunt for multiple items (especially those big ticket items) you are going to want to bring your girl friends shopping with you. If you decide to head to one of the bigger stores like Target, or Walmart, the best plan would be to give each friend an item to search for and plan a meeting spot somewhere less busy in the store to meet up before tackling the lines at the registers. Trust me, this will save you big if you are on the hunt for multiple things.
  7. Shopping bags, not carts. Trust me, you do NOT want want to be wheeling a giant, creaky cart around the already packed store. Find a giant reusable bag (IKEA has some GREAT ones) to carry all of your items around. The bags may get heavy, but it’ll be easier to maneuver around the store (and people) faster.2016 Black Friday Shopping Guide Receipts
  8. Keep your receipts. It might be a hassle, but I’m pretty sure nothing will be more stressful/annoying than when you get home and realize you bought the wrong item, or you find out after the Holidays that you grabbed the wrong size shirt for your daughter. Keeping your receipts will save
    you a lot of time and hassle in the end. Be sure to read up on the stores return/exchange policies before you purchase. Most stores will extend
    their return policy during the Holidays, but be sure to read up on those policies just in case.

Happy Shopping!