Beginner’s Guide: Color

You know those mornings where you show up for the day wearing four different shades of black? Color is hard. It’s more than just throwing random things together– there’s a science to it! Here’s our color guide to finding the right colors for you, matching colors, and using color to your advantage!

Finding the Right Colors For You

The first step to finding the colors that look good on you is to look at your hair, eye, and skin color. Most people have either warm or cool tones.

You have cool tones if… 

-your skin has pink tones to it
-you have blue, green, or grey eyes
-you look better in silver jewelry
-your veins are a greenish blue

Color guide cool color swatches

Wear lots of blues, greens, and purples and avoid yellow and orange shades.

You have warm tones if…

-your skin has yellow tones to it
-you have hazel, brown, or amber eyes
-you look better in gold jewelry
-your veins have a purple tint

color guide warm color swatches

Wear lots of orange, red, yellow, and amber and avoid icy or jewel tones.

Pairing Colors

There are several great ways to think about pairing colors together, but the best way is to look at the color wheel. Here’s a couple of basic color schemes you can use when matching colors.

MonochromeColor guide monochrome color schemeWear different shades of one color! Wear all black for a minimal and classic look, or wear multiple shades of a bold color to make a statement.

AnalogousColor guide analogous color schemeAn analogous color scheme involves colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. This is a super easy way to pair colors and look like a total color genius!

ComplimentaryA complimentary color scheme has colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. The key to mastering this color scheme is balance. Wearing an equal amount of red and green is going to leave you looking like a Christmas card. However, a red dress paired with some green accents is a killer outfit.

TriadicColor guide triadic color schemeThis color scheme uses colors that form a triangle on the color wheel. Like we talked about with complimentary color schemes, be careful with how you balance your contrasting colors!

Another great way to find gorgeous color pairings is to get inspiration from others! Look at your favorite fashion brands and use their looks as a color guide! You can also look at your favorite patterns and see what colors are used together.

Color Guide Brown dress Red Scarf Color Guide Blue Sweater Red plaid Color Guide Yellow Top Blue Skirt

Color Guide White dress floral embroidery Color Guide Tan Dress Colorful embroidery Color Guide Colorful sequin dress

Click here to download our infographic on matching colors!

Using Color to Your Advantage

Now it’s time to talk about using color to your advantage! Color is a great way to send a message to people about yourself and what you’re wearing. If you’re interviewing for a job and want to come off as very trustworthy and dependable, wear blue! If you’re going out and want to turn heads, try wearing red to invoke boldness and drama. Check out this color guide to see how people associate with color!

RedColor Guide Red Red is all about drama and power. Wear it when you want to make a statement!

BlueColor Guide BlueBlue is calming and represents loyalty and dependability. It’s great to wear in professional settings!

YellowColor Guide Yellow Yellow represents positivity and excitement. Wear yellow when you want to appear cheerful and warm!

GreenColor Guide GreenGreen represents wealth, positivity, and nature. This is a really calming color to wear. 

OrangeColor Guide OrangeOrange conveys friendliness and excitement. It is inviting and also very playful!

PurpleColor Guide Purple Purple is majestic and serene. Wear purple when you’re feeling very luxurious!

PinkColor Guide Pink Pink is soft and delicate, but can also feel very modern. Wear pink to appear light-hearted and welcoming, or when you’re feeling very feminine!

You can also use color to draw attention to certain features, or even to draw attention away from an area. Try wearing all neutrals but adding a pop of red in an area you want to show off.

These are our rules for color but like everyone knows…rules are made to be broken. Use this color guide in your wardrobe but make sure you play around and experiment to find your personal preferences and unique style!

xoxo, Sam

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