3 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Lovers’ day (aka Valentine’s Day) is almost here! Get out the paper, glue, paint, and pens because we’re making DIY Valentine’s Day cards for our loved ones. These easy DIY cards are sure to send the right message and make your friends and family feel loved this Valentine’s season. Put on your favorite rom-com and let’s get to crafting!

Valentine’s Day Card #1

These cards are the perfect DIY for the girl who really likes to get crafty! Out of all the DIY Valentine’s Day cards, this one is definitely the most fun and creative. You can add as many hearts in whatever design you want, plus we created 6 different card templates for you to choose from. Pick from various styles of Valentine’s Day sayings like “Be my Valentine?” and “XOXO.”


  • White cardstock
  • Heart shaped stamp
  • Paints in 1-3 shades
  • Template – download here

Start by downloading and printing the card of your choice on cardstock. If you don’t want words on the outside of the card or you want to write your own Valentine message, skip this step and do your own thing! Dip your heart stamp into the paint and place on your card. Play with heart shapes, sizes, and paint colors to add some fun variety to your little card.

Once your card is dry, fill the inside with your personalized Valentine’s message and deliver to your loved ones! They’re sure to appreciate the effort you put into hand making them a card.

Valentine’s Day Card #2

This card takes things to a whole other dimension – no really! Add a little something extra to your DIY Valentine’s Day Cards this year by going 3D. This subtle heart pop is the perfect, low-key addition to add to your pile of outgoing love notes.


  • Valentine’s themed paper
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Template – download here

Start by tracing and cutting around the template on a piece of paper – this piece will be the outside of your card. Cut a piece of white or other light colored paper in a slightly smaller rectangle and glue it to the inside of your card where you will write.

Next, out the heart section of your template and trace onto a contrasting piece of paper. Cut the heart out and glue on the inside of the card along the heart shape. Now you’re ready for folding!

First, fold the entire card down the middle. Then, take the bottom right corner and bring it up towards the heart and fold when you have the crease lined up with the edge of the heart. Repeat on the other side. To form your 3D shape, simply push the back of the heart forwards until it pops into place!

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Valentine’s Day Card #3

These cute cards are actually little heart envelopes! They’re the perfect way to add something extra to your love notes this Valentine’s Day. The best part: these are so easy to make, you’ll be wondering why you never thought to fold hearts into envelopes. Write directly onto your envelope or fill with love notes and confetti.


  • Valentine’s themed paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Heart template (optional) – download here

Trace or draw your hearts onto your paper and cut them out. Play with sizes to make bigger and smaller envelopes. Glue some of the hearts together to create a fun surprise inside the envelopes.

Fold the hearts along the dotted lines shown below to create your little envelopes. Fill with your sweet nothings and tape them shut. Your loved ones will appreciate the extra effort and love their little heart-shaped envelopes!

Enjoy making your DIY Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in your life, after all, we could all use some love. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the handmade gesture of love, so get crafty and spread a little love this year.

Which of our DIY Valentine’s Day cards will you be making? Leave it in the comments below!

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