14 Things To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

As if you wanted another reminder, Valentine’s Day is upon us. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, the red and pink hearts everywhere have been an irritating reminder of what will happen on February 14th. 

***Cue the red heart balloons, boxes of chocolates, and giant teddy bears that popped up overnight ***

If you’re not in a relationship, you’ve got three choices. A) You can pretend like it’s just any regular day. B) You can watch romantic chick flicks and eat ice cream while you wallow in self-pity (I promise, you don’t want to do this). Or C) You can make the most of being single on Valentine’s Day by doing something that will make you happy – my personal favorite. I promise, there’s no shortage of ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you might be better off than your friends in relationships. Think about it. You don’t have the stress and pressure of planning a date, getting your loved one the perfect gift, or spending too much money on trivial things like flowers, chocolates, and other gifts of love. There is absolutely no pressure to make February 14th a special day for anyone but yourself, so what’s not to love? Forget about past Valentine’s Days gone wrong and forget about those movie-perfect Valentines expectations and focus on loving yourself.

Are you still a little short on ideas for how to spend the day when you’re single on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got a list of 14 things you can do to treat yourself to the best February 14th yet. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and think, “Single and Fabulous!” (exclamation point), not “Single and Fabulous?”

14 Valentine’s Day Ideas For A Single Girl

  1. Treat yourself to take out and a movie at home. Pick up some Chinese takeout from that little place you love on the corner and stream your favorite movie (rom-coms seem appropriate but you do you if you’re into action, foreign, or anything else). Not quite sure what movie to watch? Tell us your ideal Valentine’s Day date and we’ll pick your movie. Take the quiz here
  2. Go out to a nice dinner with the girls. Nothing says you can’t have a nice date on Valentine’s Day! Go to that new place you’ve been wanting to try or look for a deal on Groupon.
  3. Light a candle and curl up with a good book. If you’d rather spend the night in, light that new candle you picked up – scratch that, light every candle you own – and curl up with that book you’ve been dying to binge read.
  4. Call up the girlfriends cause it’s time for a spa night! There’s no better way to spend Valentine’s Day than treating yourself. Break out the candles, face masks and nail polish cause it’s ladies night! 
  5. Have all the girls bring a different wine for an at-home wine tasting and chick-flick night. Once again, if one or two or your friends are also single, have everyone bring a bottle of wine and drink a sip of each with your favorite chick flick playing in the background. Add some chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy the night.
  6. Throw a themed dinner party. If you’re the kind of girl who likes party planning, think Greece, masquerade, dinner/cocktail party, or a murder mystery. Invite your besties, those guys in apartment 17 and anyone else you can think of. Make it a “Single on Valentine’s Day” party for everyone to enjoy.
  7. Go on a date! Go on a no-pressure, no-expectations date with a guy friend or someone new. We’re not talking a romantic, candlelit dinner. We mean a light-hearted activity like bowling or ice cream. You might just have the time of your life.
  8. Take a bath. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a bath. While you’re at it, add a soothing bath bomb, you deserve it.
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  10. Find a recipe on Pinterest that you are almost positive will fail but make it anyways! Nothing is better than trying out a new recipe. Who knows, the recipe might just work and you’ll be eating well on Valentine’s Day.
  11. Shopping spree! Nothing soothes the soul like a little retail therapy. Go grab that stylish dress you’ve been eyeing for weeks or splurge a little on that new throw blanket for your bed.
  12. Find a cute place to take pictures. Take turns having a mini photo shoot with your best friend. Add little props like a heart balloon or confetti. Bonus points if you grab a single rose and pretend you’re on the Bachelor.
  13. Watch your favorite movies all day. We mean all day. Take a “sick day,” and spend it by curling up under blankets, drinking hot cocoa and eating popcorn while you binge watch your happy movies.
  14. Go to the pet store. Play with puppies until you’re so happy you might cry. No one can have a bad day when they’re playing with puppies. 
  15. Have an arts and craft session. Paint a picture, make a nail and string art, or just Pinterest it out. Invite your BFF and trade artwork at the end of the night or give it away to someone.


Spend the day loving yourself and remember that there is more to life than expensive dates and giant teddy bears. Are you going to be single on Valentine’s Day? How are you spending it? What was the best way you’ve ever spent February 14th?

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